I've told you all about myself already!  I'd rather tell the story of some of the pieces here.  Well ... here's a start -- and more to follow.                   Gerry

Featured Pieces

I was staying in a Cabin on the famous Neversink River in the Catskill Mountains of New York, when the owner let me know that their bear had rotted away.  That lead to a commission for it's replacement, which they named Forest Gump.  

Here is their new bear: "Forest Gump".  

I was fly fishing on day on the Beaverkill River in the Catskills and saw some Otters playing.  That was the inspiration for this piece.

This was a commission piece for some kind folks that lost a treasured member of their family. 

Often I am asked to perform restorations.  This Lion was a restoration piece.  It is in the slide-show on the home page, but I did not carve it. 

Gerry Phelan Sculptures